Micrometer Phase II Graduations 0.0001″ Serial No. 85-105


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Micrometer Phase II Graduations 0.0001″ Serial No. 85-105

You can measure its depth, length and thickness. Use the micrometer to measure spheres and blocks and to determine the thickness of a wire, the diameter of a hole or the depth of a slot. Carbide measuring faces ensure greater wear resistance. Staggered numbering offers precise markings and easy readability. The ratchet stop delivers constant pressure for more accurate measurements. Crisp clear graduations on satin-chrome finish.
Brand: Phase
Serial No.: 85-105
Graduations: 0.0001 in
Made in China

The Micrometer Phase II with Graduations of 0.0001″ and Serial No. 85-105 is a high-precision measuring instrument commonly used in various industries, particularly in machining and engineering applications. This micrometer is designed to provide extremely accurate measurements with a resolution of 0.0001 inches (or one ten-thousandth of an inch).

Manufactured by Phase II, a reputable brand known for producing precision measurement tools, this micrometer is built to meet strict quality standards and deliver consistent and reliable results.

The micrometer typically consists of a precisely ground spindle and anvil, a thimble for fine adjustments, and a graduated barrel or sleeve with clear markings. It operates on the principle of screw threads, allowing for precise measurement of the dimensions of small objects or components.

The serial number, in this case, “85-105,” is a unique identifier used for tracking and quality control purposes. It helps identify the specific micrometer and can be useful for record-keeping and warranty-related matters.

With its fine resolution, the Phase II Micrometer with Graduations of 0.0001″ is suitable for measuring very tight tolerances, such as in precision machining, quality control inspection, and laboratory applications.

Proper handling and care of the micrometer are crucial to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. Regular calibration and maintenance are necessary to preserve its accuracy over time and to ensure reliable performance.

In summary, the Phase II Micrometer with Graduations of 0.0001″ and Serial No. 85-105 is a reliable and essential tool for achieving exceptional precision in measuring small dimensions. Its high-quality construction, fine graduations, and unique serial number make it a valuable asset for precision machining and quality control professionals.


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