General Electric RCC48 Total Lighting Control Board (Sealed)


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General Electric RCC48 Total Lighting Control Board (Sealed)

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The General Electric RCC48 Board is used in the field of industrial and commercial automation and control systems. RCC48 stands for “Remote Control and Communication,” and this board is designed to facilitate remote control and communication functions within various control systems.

The RCC48 Controller Card is the programmable intelligence card for a Lighting Automation Panel (LAP). The 24-relay LAP accepts one Controller Card and one or two Relay Driver Cards (RRDC12); the 48-relay LAP accepts one RCC48 and up to four RRDC12s. These provide the stand-alone intelligence functions for the panel. The RCC48 provides the intelligent operating scenarios, logic functions and communications. The RRDC12(s) actuate the relays ON/OFF and monitor their status. Each RRDC12 is associated with a bank of 12 relay outputs and 3 programmable system switch inputs.
– 48-relay control capability.
– Built-in programmable lighting scenarios.
– Change-of-state enunciation over both RS232 and Dataline.
– Direct relay switching. Each relay in the panel may be controlled directly with a switch or occupancy sensor.
– Memory backup during power outages
– Plug-in modular configuration.
– RS232 and Dataline communications ports.
– Runtime and status information for all relays.
– Three, six, nine or twelve programmable system (global) switch inputs.
– Two programmable panel switch inputs.

The General Electric RCC48 Total Lighting Control Board is a device designed for controlling and managing lighting systems in buildings. Its main use is to provide centralized control over various lighting zones, allowing users to customize lighting settings for different areas of a building.

The RCC48 board can control up to 48 lighting circuits, with support for a wide range of lighting technologies including fluorescent, LED, and incandescent bulbs. The board is capable of dimming lights, switching them on and off, and creating customized lighting scenes that can be activated with a single button press.

Some of the key parameters and advantages of the RCC48 board include:

Ease of use: The RCC48 board is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for building managers and maintenance staff to adjust lighting settings as needed.
Energy efficiency: By allowing users to control lighting zones individually, the RCC48 board can help reduce energy consumption by ensuring that lights are only used when and where they are needed.
Customization: The board can be programmed to create custom lighting scenes for different areas of a building, allowing users to create different moods and atmospheres with the push of a button.
Centralized control: The RCC48 board provides centralized control over a building’s lighting system, making it easy to manage and maintain lighting settings throughout the facility.
Compatibility: The board is compatible with a wide range of lighting technologies, allowing it to be used with both new and existing lighting systems.
Overall, the General Electric RCC48 Total Lighting Control Board is a versatile and powerful tool for managing lighting systems in buildings. Its advanced features and customization options make it an ideal choice for large commercial and industrial facilities where energy efficiency and ease of use are top priorities.
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