Bosch ISN-SM-50 Seismic Detectors 8717332211838 782695122310


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UPC: 8717332211838 ISN-SM-50

Bosch ISN-SM-50 Seismic Detectors 8717332211838 782695122310

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– 4 m operating radius on concrete
– 50 m2 monitoring area

– 24-hour surveillance of vault walls and doors, safes, night safes, and automatic teller machines
– Sensitivity settings using DIP switches
– SENSTEC® sensor and signal processing system based on microcontrollers
– Low-profile design
When cutting and drilling through materials such as concrete, steel, or synthetic reinforcements, deviations from the structures’ normal vibration pattern ensue. The SENSTEC sensor converts vibration deviations into electrical signals. The digital processing in the seismic detector analyzes the signals and compares them to a frequency range typical of tools used to break into safes, night safes etc. If the signals fall within this frequency range, the seismic detector transmits an alarm via a relay contact.
The seismic detector recognizes vibrations caused by explosives and tools such as diamond-tipped drills, mechanical and hydraulic rams, flame cutters, thermal
lances, or water jet cutters. The SENSTEC sensor and the digital signal processing monitor a narrow frequency range, thus offering reliable detection. The seismic detector tolerates environmental conditions such as air movement and noise.
Sensitivity settings using DIP switches
The sensitivity settings are selected using DIP switch settings. Select the appropriate sensitivity setting for the application, the material, and the object, as well as any interference present. The following settings are available:
• Steel, 2.0 m
• Steel, 2.5 m
• Concrete, 4.0 m
• User mode, with SensTool

Electromagnetic sensitivity
Compatibility: Better than EN 50130-4
HF interference tolerance (EN 61000-4-3): No alarm or setup at critical frequencies within a range of 1 MHz to 1000 MHz at > 30 V/m.
Environmental conditions
Humidity (EN60721): Up to 95% relative humidity, not condensing
Housing protection class (EN 60529, EN 50102): IP435
Temperature (operating): -40 °C to +70 °C
Temperature (storage): -50 °C to +70 °C
Brand: Bosch
Model: ISN-SM-50
UPC: 8717332211838


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