How many problems does Russia have?

Why did they leave the car?

Some people say #Russia has people with no brains. Some say they drink too much and have imperialistic zombifying media. Some say bureaucracy and bribery. Expensive #Olympics and lack of good roads.

But the does not describe individual people and their problems. Majority of russian cars lack #Air #Conditioners! While in winter time one can turn on heater, summer time brings unbearable heat which no A/C can handle. People escape their cars to hide in shade, as shown in #Russia24 picture.

How far do you want to travel in Chicago on Limo Bus? The wonderful dress that was carefully selected and cherished for the long days before the wedding does not have to be wrinkled – your bride can enjoy spacious seating without fearing anyone to step on the dress.

Just to remind: the main source of Russia’s wealth comes from oil, gas and quality brain wash that they export to neighboring countries since they do not know (or do not want) how to make people’s lives comfortable.

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