Hilti DX36M Powder Actuated Nail Gun Piston W/Case & Extra Accessories



Hilti DX36M Powder Actuated Nail Gun Piston W/Case & Extras Accessories

This is used and in very good working and physical condition. There are some scratches and scuffs but overall it is in very good shape. What you see is what you get.

Technical description
The DX 36 M is a tool which drives nails and threaded studs into concrete and steel. TheDX 36 Mworks on the piston principle which gives the assurance of an optimum of operatorsafety and fastening reliability. The cartridges are transported automatically for faster and moreeconomical fastening. In addition, the DX 36 M can also be equipped with a fastener magazine.Depending on the required length of nail, the MX 32 for nails up to 32 mm long or the MX 62 fornails up to 62 mm long can be used.As for all Hilti DX fastening tools, the DX 36 M, the fasteners and the cartridges have been desig-ned for each other as a technical system. This means that fastening with this tool will only bequick, accurate and troublefree if the fasteners and cartridges designed specifically for this toolare used. Fastening recommendations drawn up by Hilti are only valid if this technical system isused.The recommended maximum fastening rate is 600 fastenings per hour. This tool is not approvedfor use in explosive atmospheres.This fastener magazine has been designed as an accessory for the DX 36 M. It greatly increasesthe fastening speed and ease of operation of the DX 36 M. lt is a great advantage when used forrepetitive fastenings of all kinds

Technical data:
Performance: For fastenings to concrete and steel
Weight: 2.4 kg
Tool length: 390 mm
Power load: 6.8/11 M in cartridge in magazines strips of 10

Brand: Hilti
Model: DX36M

The Hilti DX36M Powder Actuated Nail Gun is a type of power tool that is used to drive nails or studs into concrete, steel, or other hard materials. It is typically used in commercial and industrial construction projects, such as:

  • In building construction, to secure framing and sheathing to concrete foundations or steel decks
  • In civil engineering and infrastructure projects, to secure steel reinforcement or formwork to concrete structures
  • In mechanical and electrical services, to secure conduit, ducts, and other equipment to concrete or steel structures
  • In industrial construction projects, to secure equipment and machinery to concrete or steel surfaces

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using powder-actuated tools and to be properly trained and certified before using them.
It is also important to note that powder-actuated tools require specific fasteners and powder loads, so it’s important to use the correct ones for your specific application and to make sure you are aware of the safety precautions before using it.


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