1x Drill chuck key K30, R13, TK30, S8

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Drill chuck key

Drill Chuck Key for Jacobs and Rohm Chucks, Key Number K30, TK30, S8, R13 and 13

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For Jacobs Chuck Manufacturer Model Number:  30, 30B, 31-01, 31-02, 31B, 31BA, 41BA, 8 1/2N

For Rohm Chuck Manufacturer Model Number: LCT9-12TH, LCT9-38TH, LST9-12TH, R1-1, R1-12TH, R1-38TH, R2-38TH, R8-1, R8-12TH, R8-38TH

Pilot Diameter: 15/64

Drill chuck wrench for electric drill clamping tool.
Use for controlling tightness of looseness of electric drill clamping tool.
Can be used in hammer or drilling mode,very durable, comfortable to grip.


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