Tasco Stereo Microscope 15x 30XWF 45X model with 2 each 15x and 2 each 30xw and 45x lenses

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Tasco Stereo Microscope 15x 30XWF 45X model with 2 each 15x and 2 each 30xw and 45x lenses

Brand: Tasco
Microscope Type: Stereo Microscope

Comes with a pair of 15x lenses

Comes with a pair of 30x lenses

Comes with singular 45x lense


The Tasco Stereo Microscope is a versatile instrument, offering multiple magnification levels for a range of observational purposes. Given the specifications you provided, here’s a detailed overview of its features, uses, pros and cons, and the industries where this microscope would be most applicable:


  • Model: Specific model details might vary, but based on your description, it’s equipped with multiple lens options.
  • Magnification Levels: Comes with 15x and 30x wide field (WF) lenses, and a single 45x lens, although one of the 45x lenses is missing.
  • Lenses: Includes 2 each of 15x and 30xWF lenses, enhancing its versatility for various magnification needs.
  • Design: Stereo microscopes typically offer a three-dimensional view of the specimen, useful for detailed surface observations.


  • Educational Purposes: Ideal for classroom settings where students can observe biological specimens, electronic components, and geological samples.
  • Quality Control: In manufacturing, especially electronics, where detailed inspection of components is necessary.
  • Jewelry Inspection and Repair: Allows for detailed examination and repair of jewelry pieces.
  • Biological Research: For observing the surface details of biological specimens.


  • Versatility: Multiple lenses provide a range of magnification options.
  • Educational Value: Excellent tool for educational environments, providing students with hands-on learning experiences.
  • Industrial Application: Useful for inspecting small parts and components in various manufacturing processes.


  • Missing Lens: The absence of one 45x lens reduces the flexibility and full potential of the microscope’s magnification capabilities.
  • Limited Magnification: While it offers good range, the maximum magnification is 45x, which may not be sufficient for all types of research or inspection tasks.

Applicable Industries:

  • Education: Schools and universities for teaching purposes.
  • Manufacturing: Particularly in electronics, for inspecting circuit boards and components.
  • Jewelry Making: For inspections and intricate repairs or evaluations.
  • Biology: For studying plant and animal tissues or other biological samples.

The Tasco Stereo Microscope remains a valuable tool for various settings, particularly in education, manufacturing, and detailed observational work where different magnification levels are beneficial.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 12 in


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