Natus Photic Stimulator Xltek Model 10440 10440D3400

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Natus Photic Stimulator Xltek Model 10440 10440D3400

The photic stimulator is used by trained medical staff in a medical environment to apply photic flashes tothe patient during neurophysiology studies such as EEG, where it is used as an activation to test photo-sensibility related to epilepsy. Trigger pulses applied to the input of the photic stimulator generate photicflashes at specific frequencies, typically in the range of 0.5Hz to 60Hz. The photic stimulator is intendedfor use on mobile or fixed systems, and with patients of all ages. The Photic Stimulator can also be usedalong with Evoked Potential devices for stimulating Visual Evoked Potentials.

Tested with Xltek Model XLPS-1 Photic Stimulator on hand, appears to be working, you can inquire about a particular detail or possibly testing before purchasing.

Support arm: 52 in. (1320.8 mm) total
Frequency of flash: Maximum 60 Hz
Duration of flash: 1 ms
Light intensity:
– Adjustable via Intensity control (12-position control: 11 settings; 1 Off)
– Intensity measured at 30cm distance, position 12: Minimum: 22000 lux – Maximum: 75000 lux
– Typically an intensity of 39000 lux is observed in measurements onNatus Photic Stimulator.
Input requirements: TTL Positive Pulse; 100 µs @ 1 mA
Mains input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 1 A (1A-0.5A)
Protection against electric shock: Class I
Flammability: UL 94V-0
Environmental Conditions for Use
Operating Environmental Limits:
– Temperature Range: 10° C to 40° C
– Humidity Range: 30% to 75% RH
Brand: Natus
Model: 10440
SKU: 10440D3400

The Natus Photic Stimulator, particularly the XLtek Model 10440 or 10440D3400, is a specialized device primarily used in medical and clinical settings. This equipment is designed for use in neurological studies, often aiding in electroencephalography (EEG) tests to study brain activity and function. Below, I provide a detailed overview of its features, potential applications, and some key points to consider if you’re looking into its usage or purchase.

Key Features:

  • Model Variants: The XLtek 10440 and 10440D3400 may refer to specific versions or configurations, indicating slight differences in specifications or intended use environments.
  • Functionality: Designed to deliver visual stimuli at varying frequencies and intensities, crucial for specific neurological tests.
  • Compatibility: These units are typically compatible with a range of EEG systems, especially those offered by Natus or previously under the XLtek brand.
  • User Interface: Provides an intuitive interface for clinicians to adjust settings and control stimulus parameters easily.
  • Portability: The design considers ease of movement and setup in different clinical environments.


  • Neurology: Vital for conducting photic stimulation tests during EEG to observe brain activity in response to visual stimuli.
  • Research: Used in neurological research to study brain wave patterns and diagnose conditions like epilepsy.
  • Clinical Diagnostics: Assists in diagnosing and monitoring neurological disorders by providing a controlled stimulus during patient evaluation.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Precise control over stimulus parameters, allowing tailored tests for individual patient needs.
    • Compatibility with various EEG systems enhances its versatility in clinical settings.
    • Portable design facilitates use across different locations or rooms within a facility.
  • Cons:
    • Requires trained personnel to operate effectively and interpret results correctly.
    • May have limited utility outside specialized neurology or research contexts.


When considering the Natus Photic Stimulator, you might also look into similar devices from other manufacturers like Cadwell or Compumedics, evaluating features such as stimulus variability, compatibility with existing systems, and overall cost-effectiveness.

The Natus Photic Stimulator XLtek Model 10440/10440D3400 is a robust tool for neurological diagnostics and research.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned is a trademark of its respective owner. The use of this product name is purely for identification and illustrative purposes. No endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship is implied or should be inferred. All specifications and information regarding the product are based on publicly available data and should be verified independently for accuracy in specific applications or contexts.


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