1 HP 3 Phase 460V Severe Duty Motor 575RPM 0.75 KW Marathon Electric Motors

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Severe Duty Motor 1 HP

  • Blue Chip Series® quality, 100% cast iron construction for rigidity and reduced vibration
  • Meets or exceeds NEMA Premium®* efficiencies
  • Meets IEEE45 USCG Marine Duty, IP55 construction
  • NEMA Premium models are in compliance with EISA 2007
  • UL* recognized (through 449T) and CSA certified and CE* mark
  • Bearing Current Protection (BCP) on selected items
  • Internal and external epoxy paint
  • MAX GUARD® motor Class H insulation system
  • Inverter duty rated on the nameplate
  • Bearing caps (182T and larger)
  • Precision balanced to .08”/sec
  • Extended grease tubes, regreasable in service
  • Bronze sintered drain and breather
  • Meets Ford®* EM1 automotive duty specification
  • Hazardous Duty motor Division 2 CSA* certification nameplate
  • Division 2/ Zone 2 Class I (gases), Groups A, B, C, D
  • Meets temperature code T2B
  • Actual test and vibration data supplied with each motor
  • Ball bearings or roller bearings available

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Brand New, never installed, in original packaging. Some paint chipped off during handling and storage. Stored in dry, conditioned environment.

Model TB213TTTS18653AAL

Serial X0572500-02/20-01

Enclosure: TENV (Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated)

Frame (Size and mounting) 213TCVZ

Weight: 215 lbs

DES (Code by NEMA®) B

INS (Insulation class) F3

IP (Ingress protection): 54

IC (Inherent cooling) 40

Code (NEMA locked-rotor KVA) K

Rise (Full load operating temperature) 50 C

AMB (The allowable surrounding air temperature) 40 C

MTG (Conduit box location) F1 Type TTS

Duty 10 Minute

The allowable altitude 3300

Service Factor: 1.0

The model number “TB213TTTS18653AAL” for a Marathon Electric motor contains several pieces of information that specify the motor’s characteristics and design features. While the exact decoding can depend on Marathon Electric’s specific model number conventions, here’s a general breakdown that could apply to many electric motor model numbers:

  • TB: This prefix often indicates the product line or specific type of motor, possibly referring to the frame type or design series.
  • 213: This part of the model number typically specifies the frame size or physical dimensions of the motor. Frame size is crucial as it relates to mounting and the motor’s physical compatibility with the machinery it’s intended for.
  • TT: This could represent the motor’s enclosure type, which indicates how the motor is built to prevent the ingress of various environmental factors like dust or water.
  • TS: This part might specify other design features or modifications from the standard product line, such as a special shaft or mounting configuration.
  • 18653: This sequence often provides information about the motor’s electrical characteristics, such as horsepower, speed, voltage, or other performance-related attributes.
  • AAL: This suffix could indicate specific modifications, options, or special features that the motor has, like a particular type of bearing, insulation class, or a special type of rotor.

For an exact and detailed explanation of what each segment of the model number means, it’s best to consult directly with Marathon Electric or refer to the specific product documentation. Motor manufacturers have their own unique coding systems, and a Marathon representative or product catalog could provide the most accurate interpretation of their model numbers.

Weight 215 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 in
Horse Power (HP)



575 RPM



Frame Size





3.9 A


Marathon Electric

Power Phase

Three Phase


Marathon Electric


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