Lennox 56M6101S, Furnace Direct Spark Ignition Control Board 1097-83-405A, 24 VAC, For GSC Series Units


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Lennox 56M6101S Automatic Ignition System 24VAC 50/60HZ Model 1097-405 / 1097-83-405A

Condition: Used, working. Removed from a working furnace. Comes with 30 day warranty.

The Lennox 56M6101S Furnace Control Circuit Board, identified with the model number 1097-405, is a crucial component in Lennox furnaces, responsible for managing and controlling various furnace functions. Below is a detailed overview of this specific part, highlighting its specifications, functionality, advantages, disadvantages, and typical applications within different industries.

Product Specifications:

  • Model Number: 56M6101S (1097-405) control board  1097-83-405A, 56M61
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for certain Lennox or Armstrong furnace models.
  • Function: Manages and controls the furnace’s operations, ensuring efficient and safe function.

Uses and Applications:

  • Furnace Operation: This control board is integral to the operation of the furnace, controlling ignition, fan operation, and safety circuits.
  • Safety and Diagnostics: Equipped with diagnostics capabilities to assist in troubleshooting and ensuring the furnace operates safely.


  • Precision Control: Offers precise control over furnace operations, enhancing efficiency and performance.
  • Diagnostic Features: Helps in quick troubleshooting with built-in diagnostic indicators or codes.
  • OEM Part: Being an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part ensures compatibility and reliability.


  • Cost: OEM parts like this control board can be more expensive than third-party alternatives.
  • Availability: Specific to Lennox models, which can limit availability or replacement options.

Industry Applications:

  • Residential Heating: Primarily used in home heating systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and safely.
  • Commercial HVAC: In commercial buildings, this control board ensures that the heating system is reliable and meets operational standards.

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Works with Models, (please double check compatibility with a manufacturer):
GCS16-024-50 3T
GCS16-024-50 5
GCS16-030-75 5
GCS16-036-90 3M
GCS16-036-90 6
GCS16-048-120 2M
GCS16-048-120 6
GCS16-048-75 2M
GCS16-048-75 6
GCS16-060-120 2M
GCS16-060-120 5
GCS16-060-75 2M
GCS16-060-75 5
GCS16R-036-90 3M
GCS16R-036-90 6
GCS16R-048-100 2M
GCS16R-048-100 6
GCS16R-048-75 2M
GCS16R-048-75 6
GCS16R-060-120 2M
GCS16R-060-120 5
GCS16R-060-75 2M
GCS16R-060-75 5
GCS20-036-75 7
GCS20-048-120 7
GCS20-048-75 7
GCS20-060-120 7
GCS20-060-75 7
GCS20R-024-50 4
GCS20R-030-75 4
GCS20R-036-75 7
GCS20R-042-120 5
GCS20R-042-75 5
GCS20R-048-120 7
GCS20R-048-75 7
GCS20R-060-120 7
GCS20R-060-75 7


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