Honeywell 6160CR-2 High Security Fire Alpha Keypad


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Honeywell 6160CR-2 High Security Fire Alpha Keypad

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The 6160CR-2 is an addressable remote keypad intended for use in high security fire applications with Honeywell Home commercial fire control panels.
The keys are continuously backlit for convenience and easy visibility. The LCD display is backlit only when a key is depressed*, or when the system is in alarm or trouble condition.
• Four programmable function keys
• Built-in sounder
• Seven Status LEDs
– Armed (Red)
– Ready (Green)
– Power (Green)
– Fire Alarm (Red)
– Silenced (Yellow)
– Supervisory (Yellow)
– Trouble (Yellow)
• Large easy-to-read display
• Red removable door
• Physical 5.250″ W x 7.437″ H x 1.312″ D

Brand: Honeywell
Control Interface : Keypad
Number of Keys : 4
Screen Type : LCD
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Model: 6160CR-2
SKU: 6160CR-2
UPC: 781410798878

The Honeywell 6160CR-2 High Security Fire Alpha Keypad is a specialized security device designed for use in fire alarm and security systems. Its primary intended use is to provide advanced control and monitoring capabilities for high-security fire and security applications. Here are its intended use and key advantages:

Intended Use:

  1. Fire Alarm Systems: The Honeywell 6160CR-2 is designed to be integrated into fire alarm systems, where it serves as a crucial interface for monitoring and controlling fire-related events and emergencies.
  2. Security Systems: In addition to its primary use in fire alarm systems, this keypad can also be employed in high-security applications, such as commercial or industrial security systems, to provide access control and system management.


  1. Advanced Alpha-Numeric Display: The keypad features an alpha-numeric display, which allows for the presentation of text messages and system status in plain English. This feature enhances user understanding and facilitates quick response during emergencies.
  2. High-Security Functions: The “High Security” designation indicates that this keypad is engineered to meet stringent security requirements, making it suitable for applications where the utmost security and reliability are essential.
  3. Customizable Zone Labels: Users can assign custom zone labels to the keypad, providing clear and user-friendly zone identification for both fire and security events.
  4. Backlit Keypad: The keypad is equipped with a backlit display and keys, ensuring visibility and usability in low-light conditions or during nighttime operation.
  5. Function Buttons: Function buttons on the keypad simplify user interactions, allowing for quick access to commonly used system functions, such as arming/disarming and bypassing zones.
  6. Audible Feedback: Audible feedback, including beeps and tones, assists users in confirming their inputs and understanding the system’s responses.
  7. Tamper-Resistant Design: The keypad is designed to deter tampering or unauthorized access, enhancing security in sensitive environments.
  8. Compatibility: It is compatible with Honeywell’s high-security control panels and systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing Honeywell security and fire alarm setups.
  9. Emergency Functionality: In the event of a fire or security breach, the keypad enables users to initiate emergency responses, such as alerting authorities or evacuating occupants.
  10. User-Friendly: The keypad’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it accessible to both trained personnel and end-users, reducing the learning curve and ensuring effective operation during critical situations.

In summary, the Honeywell 6160CR-2 High Security Fire Alpha Keypad is a versatile and advanced control interface primarily intended for high-security fire alarm and security applications. Its advantages include an alpha-numeric display, high-security functions, customization options, compatibility with Honeywell systems, and user-friendly features, all of which contribute to enhanced safety and security in various environments.

NL26 E2

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