GO Swiss Drive Brose e-bike battery 36V 636Wh, Rechargeable Li-lon Battery 10ICR19/66-5

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GO Swiss Drive Brose e-bike battery 36V 636Wh, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 10ICR19/66-5

Condition: Used, good, holds charge long time. Only battery included as seen in pictures, nothing else.

The GO Swiss Drive Brose E-Bike Battery is a high-capacity, high-performance battery designed for electric bikes. With a voltage of 36V and a capacity of 636Wh, this battery provides reliable power for long-distance rides and challenging terrains. It is compatible with Brose drive systems, known for their efficiency and smooth performance.
The GO Swiss Drive Brose E-Bike Battery 36V 636Wh is a powerful and reliable choice for enhancing the performance and range of your electric bike. Its high capacity, quick charging, and durable design make it ideal for a variety of riding applications, ensuring you can enjoy longer and more challenging rides with confidence.

The battery is designed as a down tube battery and can be attached to the down tube. It communicates via a Can Bus standard and has a Rosenberger charging connection. It is available in a black color. Note that this battery is compatible with manufacturer no. 28581-01, but only if you replace the cable set on the bike. This requires article no. 23993-55 or 23993-56, depending on the required length.

Key Features
High Capacity: 636Wh capacity offers extended range and long-lasting power for long rides and demanding use.
Efficient Performance: Designed to work seamlessly with Brose drive systems, known for their efficiency and reliability.
Lithium-Ion Technology: Ensures long battery life, reliable performance, and quick charging times.
Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of daily use and various environmental conditions.
Easy Installation: Frame-mounted design for secure attachment and easy removal for charging.

Commuting: Ideal for daily commutes, offering reliable power and long range.
Recreational Riding: Perfect for long-distance rides and exploring new terrains.
Mountain Biking: Provides the necessary power for tackling challenging off-road trails.
Touring: Suitable for extended tours, offering consistent performance over long distances.

Brand: GO Swiss Drive
Compatible Drive System: Brose
Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 636Wh
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Dimensions: Varies (specific dimensions not provided)
Weight: Approx. 7-8 lbs (3.2-3.6 kg)
Charge Time: Approximately 4-6 hours
Range: Up to 90 miles (145 km), depending on riding conditions and assist level
Mounting Type: Frame-mounted (specific mounting type may vary)

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 6 in


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