Emerson K55HXTGB-8797 Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP 4 SPEED 208/230 V


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Emerson K55HXTGB-8797 Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP 4 SPEED 208/230 V

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Emerson K55HXTGB-8797 Replacement Furnace Blower Motor 1/2 HP  4 SPEED 208/230 V

Use for: S89-094, 51-23022-41, 76N18, E5461, FD6000, MOT9986, P257-E5461

The Emerson K55HXTGB-8797 Replacement Furnace Blower Motor is designed for use in HVAC systems, specifically in furnaces where a robust blower motor is necessary to circulate air. Here’s a breakdown of its specifications and intended uses:


  1. 1/2 HP (Horsepower): This indicates the power output of the motor. A 1/2 horsepower motor is a common size for residential and light commercial furnaces, capable of moving the necessary amount of air to heat or cool a space effectively.
  2. 4 SPEED: This motor has four speed settings, which allows for more control over the air circulation rate. Different speeds can be used for various heating and cooling needs, improving the system’s efficiency and comfort levels for occupants.
  3. 208/230 V: This voltage rating shows that the motor can operate on two common voltage levels, making it versatile for use in different electrical environments. The dual voltage capability allows for installation in a broader range of furnace systems without needing additional modifications for compatibility.

Intended Uses:

  • Furnace Blower Replacement: This motor is primarily used as a replacement blower motor in furnaces. If a furnace’s original blower motor fails, a replacement like the Emerson K55HXTGB-8797 can restore functionality, ensuring the furnace can continue to circulate warm air throughout a space.
  • HVAC System Air Circulation: Beyond just heating, the blower motor plays a crucial role in the overall HVAC system’s air circulation, contributing to both heating and cooling processes. It helps distribute conditioned air (whether heated or cooled) throughout the ductwork and into different rooms.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency: With its four-speed settings, this motor can adapt to different airflow needs, which can enhance the living or working space’s comfort. Moreover, the right speed setting can contribute to the HVAC system’s overall energy efficiency.

When selecting a replacement motor like the Emerson K55HXTGB-8797, it’s essential to ensure that the specifications match the furnace’s requirements. Compatibility with the furnace’s model, power requirements, and mounting configuration are crucial to ensure effective operation and to avoid potential safety issues or system malfunctions.

Brand: Emerson
HP: 1/2
Voltage: 208-230
Rotation: Reversible
RPM: 1075
Phase: 1
Speeds: 4
Hertz: 60
Amperage: 3.6
Shaft: 1/2 x 4.4
Capacitor Required: 10MFD/370V
SKU: K55HXTGB-8797

UPC:  014129054615


Weight 14.2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 in


Horse Power (HP)





1075 RPM


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