Dewalt D25263 1-1/8″ Corded SDS+ D-Handle Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill W/ Case


DEWALT D25263 3 Mode D-handle SDS Rotary Hammer Drill with case

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This Great Rotary Hammer Drill is Pre-Owned but still in Very Good Working Condition. It shows the normal signs of wear in the form of superficial scratches, gashes, little dust and grime. The depth gauge rod is included, the handle is intact.

The DeWalt Corded Rotary Hammer Kit features an 8.5-amp motor that delivers 1,450 RPMs of speed. The high-performance motor also offers 3 joules of impact energy for fast drilling and chipping. The rotating brush ring delivers maximum power in both forward and reverse positions. The integral clutch system keeps the hammer stable if the bit suddenly jams, and the system includes active vibration control. This kit comes with a 360-degree side handle and depth rod.

D25263 1-1/8 in. SDS+ Rotary Hammer Kit is a light weight, low vibration, high-performance drill designed for demands of today’s contractor. The durable German engineered mechanism delivers 3.0 joules of impact energy that delivers up to 15% faster speed of application that professionals demand. The Active Vibration Control technology employed delivers reduced user vibration for less user fatigue and greater productivity.

  • 3.0-joules impact energy for fast drilling and chipping speed
  • 8.5 Amp high performance motor
  • Shocks – active vibration control reduces vibration felt by the user at the handles, a perform and protect feature
  • Rotating brush ring delivers full power/torque in forward and reverse
  • Integral clutch reduces sudden, high torque reactions if bit jams
  • Compatible with D25301D drilling dust extraction system

The DeWalt D25263 1-1/8″ Corded SDS+ D-Handle Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill is a powerful tool designed for professionals in the construction and engineering industries. Here are the main features, advantages, and specs of this rotary hammer drill:

Main Features:

  1. High-performance motor: The DeWalt D25263 has a powerful 8.5-amp motor that delivers high-speed performance and impressive drilling power.
  2. Three-mode operation: The drill has three modes of operation, including rotary hammer, hammer-only, and rotation-only, allowing for a variety of applications.
  3. D-handle design: The D-handle design provides comfortable grip and enhanced control for the user.
  4. Vibration control: The drill features active vibration control technology, which reduces vibration and user fatigue.


  1. High-performance: The DeWalt D25263 is a high-performance rotary hammer drill that can handle tough jobs with ease.
  2. Versatile: The three-mode operation of the drill allows for versatile use on a variety of materials, including concrete, wood, and steel.
  3. Comfortable to use: The D-handle design and active vibration control technology make the drill comfortable to use, even for extended periods.
  4. Durable: The drill is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting.


  1. The DeWalt D25263 has a 1-1/8″ drilling capacity in concrete, and a 1/2″ drilling capacity in steel.
  2. The drill has a maximum speed of 1,450 RPM and a maximum impact energy of 3 Joules.
  3. The tool weighs 6.5 lbs, making it easy to handle and maneuver.
  4. The drill has a variable speed control, allowing for precision drilling and control.
  5. The tool is corded, with a 8-foot cord length, providing continuous power and eliminating the need for battery replacement.


  1. The DeWalt D25263 is a heavy tool, which may make it difficult to use for some users, particularly in overhead applications.
  2. Some users have reported that the drill has a tendency to overheat, which can reduce its performance and lifespan.


The DeWalt D25263 1-1/8″ Corded SDS+ D-Handle Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill is commonly used in the following industries:

  1. Construction industry: The drill is ideal for drilling holes in concrete, masonry, and other materials commonly used in construction projects.
  2. Engineering industry: The DeWalt D25263 is also used by engineers and professionals who work on infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges.

Overall, the DeWalt D25263 1-1/8″ Corded SDS+ D-Handle Concrete Rotary Hammer Drill is a high-performance tool designed for professionals who need a reliable and versatile tool for drilling in concrete and other materials. While it may be heavy and prone to overheating, its durability, power, and versatility make it a popular choice among contractors and engineers.

Weight 7.5 lbs


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