Atlas Sound CS95-8 + Speaker SD72WV


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Atlas Sound CS95-8 + Speaker SD72WV

A complete and easy solution for in-ceiling loudspeaker installations. Includes products selected to work perfectly together in background music and paging.

The speaker used in the SD72WV is the next generation of Atlas high performance cone speakers, very similar to the preceding C-Series speakers. The similarity in the sonic qualities ensures that contractors and designers who have worked with the AtlasIED C-Series in the past will know exactly what to expect when they use the SD72WV.

Model SD72WV is a 25 watt 8″ (205mm) speaker with a 10oz. (260g) ceramic magnet. It includes a curvelinear, treated paper cone for lower harmonic distortion. The speaker is also equipped with a full 1″ diameter copper voice coil with a black anodized aluminum former for better power dissipation. Model SD72WV operates within a frequency response range of 45Hz-19kHz (nominal) with a sensitivity of 97dB and a dispersion angle of 105°. Package includes factory installed 25/70.7V line matching transformer with tap selections ranging from .25 to 5 watts.

Round Recessed Stackable Enclosures For 8″ Loudspeakers
Ideal for contractors with limited storage facilities, this conically shaped enclosure nests to achieve reduced inventory space requirements and transportation costs. Furnished with four combination conduit knockouts 1 ⁄ 2 ” – 3 ⁄ 4 ” (13mm-19mm), four J-clips and two flexible perforated mounting straps. One-piece CRS construction, undercoated, patch-jute lined, and finished in epoxy.
General Description
The CS95-8 enclosure is perfect for use with the Atlas Sound SD72W, SD72WV. Note: Enclosure is not designed to mount other loudspeaker packages with pre-mounted high performance transformers (HT-87, HT-167, HT-327).
Mounts to Baffle Models: 51-8, 60-8(W), 61-8W, 62-8, 63-8, 67-8(W), G22-8, M222(W), P900, VP60-R
Safety Listed: UL1480 & UL2043


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